Friday, March 28, 2008

Eating polycultural

Dianne of the Migraineur embarks on "Omnivory Month," with the goal of eating a diverse diet

I love this project because most Americans get 72.1 of their calories primarily from dairy products, cereals, refined sugars, refined vegetable oils, and alcohol. Humans evolved to eat a diverse diet, mainly because a diverse diet is far more likely the cover all the nutritional bases than one reliant on standard American staples. I also have to wonder if food allergies have something to do with our excessive reliance on a few staple crops.

Also, I must say that farmer's market and CSAs are a great way to diversify your diet. At the market you can find all kinds of varieties of food that might not fit into the industrial food system well and most farmers will gladly give you tips on how to use each one. Last summer I wrote down all the new things I consumed. The list included red currants, kohlrabi, Japanese pumpkin, hubbard squash, Lebanese zucchini, perpetual spinach, misato radishes, parsnips, and thai eggplant. A CSA is probably even better because you end up with things that might not stand out at the market, such as the plain brown candy-roaster squash which opens up into bright-orange sweet flesh.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! That bit about "dairy products, cereals, refined sugars, refined vegetable oils, and alcohol" is rather appalling - and so much for the notion that Americans have a meat-heavy diet, eh? I'm pleased to report that I hardly consume any cereals, refined sugars, or refined vegetable oils. I do consume alcohol rather moderately (maybe 3 or 4 glasses of wine a week), though, and as for dairy, I am the Queen of Butterfat. In my fridge right now I have homemade whole milk yogurt, homemade whole milk buttermilk, homemade creme fraiche, unfermented heavy cream, commercially prepared whole milk kefir, and a whole drawer full of different kinds of cheeses, all full fat. Oh, and butter, both commercial and homemade. There's some liquid whole milk, too, but that's for my husband; I find unfermented milk does not agree with my glucose metabolism.