Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get Toasted

Chef Eric Ripert's blog Avec Eric has fantastic recipes for the much neglected toaster oven. These days I'm loving toaster ovens because who wants to fire up a giant regular oven and heat up your home to make a panini or something simple? A toaster oven is energy efficient and simple to use!

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Anna said...

Yes! I love toaster ovens, too. I'd gladly give up my microwave, but not my toaster oven.

I have a relatively large two rack "convection" toaster oven (fits a pie plate) that broils, too. I probably use it as much or more than my range oven. Cooking for a family of three, it is perfect. I acquired some smaller casserole dishes and pans that fit it well, which makes it even more useful.

Our toaster oven was a key player in making meals in the middle of our DIY kitchen remodel (which went on f-o-r-e-v-e-r).

And my kitchen is not configured well for a double oven, so the large toaster oven really helps when I am cooking for a larger crowd.

Toaster ovens, they really are good for more than toast and warming up leftover pizza.