Saturday, June 9, 2007

Illinois Farmer's Market Basket: English Cucumbers

English Cucumber's are the dainty less-rude relative of the rotund commercial "slicer" variety. Why are they less rude? Sometimes they are called burp-less because while the average cucumber packs a serving of relatively difficult to digest seeds, this cucumber's seeds are unobtrusive enough that some wrongly claim they lack seeds altogether.

They can growth to two feet in length, but generally they are slim and have a neatly ridged surface. Most growers wrap them in plastic to prevent moisture instead of waxing them, so there is no need for peeling.

They are among my favorite purchases because they live up to the cucumber's true status as a fruit with their delicately sweet flavor. I believe they would be perfect for those dainty English cucumber sandwiches, but I like mine plain.

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